Manitowoc County Division of Emergency Services

Department of Emergency Management & Joint Dispatch Center

Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Manitowoc County Hazardous Materials Team

September 26, 2009 Training Pictures

The Manitowoc County Hazmat team was established in 1987.  The team currently has 27 members from several different career and volunteer fire departments; and one from police.  All members are Hazardous Materials Technician-level trained and many have additional levels of higher certification.  The Manitowoc County Hazmat team trains monthly, and conducts an annual full-scale drill with an extremely hazardous substance reporting facility in Manitowoc County.

In addition to hazardous materials response, the team also operates the Manitowoc County reception center.  The reception center provides a pre-determined location where the affected population will be directed in case of an evacuation triggered by an incident at a nuclear plant.  Reception center personnel are responsible for monitoring evacuees and their possessions for radiological contamination, and decontamination if necessary.  All evacuees are registered and provided shelter if needed.

The Hazmat team utilizes a fully-equipped hazmat response vehicle, two Zodiac boats and two support trailers strategically located throughout Manitowoc County.

It is the mission of the Hazardous Material Emergency Response Team to remove endangered people, conduct emergency rescue operations, mitigate the incident and act as technical advisors to the incident commander at scenes of hazardous material releases.

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