Manitowoc County Division of Emergency Services

Department of Emergency Management & Joint Dispatch Center

Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Shelters & Sheltering-in-Place


In some instances, you may be asked to take shelter in your home. 

  • Remain calm.  Panic is your greatest enemy.
  • Listen closely to a local EAS radio station for instructions.
  • If you can do so safely, close all windows, doors & vents.  Turn off all fans, air conditioners or other building systems that draw in outside air.
  • Do NOT evacuate unless instructed to do so.
  • Children in schools will be cared for through the schools' emergency procedures.  Do NOT attempt to pick them up unless advised to do so. 
  • If you are in a building that has a basement, go downstairs.  Take a battery-operated radio with you. 
  • Stay indoors until advised that it is safe to go outside.
  • If you must go outside, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or mask.  Move quickly and limit outdoor exposure time to as little as possible.

Congregate Care Facilities in Manitowoc County



Roncalli High School, 2000 Mirro Drive

Stangel Elementary, 1002 Cedar Avenue

Wilson Junior High, 1201 N. 11th Street

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran, 916 Pine

St. Francis de Sales, 1408 Waldo Boulevard

Jackson Elementary, 1201 N. 18th Street

Manitowoc Lutheran High, 4045 Lancer Circle

Madison Elementary, 701 N. 4th Street

Franklin Elementary, 800 S. 35th Street

Bethany Evangelical Lutheran, 3209 Meadow Lane

St. Frances Cabrini, 2109 Marshall

1st German Evangelical Lutheran, 1025 S. 8th

Lincoln High School, 1433 S.  8th  Street

Jefferson Elementary, 1402 Manila Street

Washington Jr. High, 2101 Division Street

St. Francis Xavier , 1418 Grand Avenue

Monroe Elementary, 2502 S. 14th Street

Two Rivers

St. John’s Lutheran School, 3607 45th Street

Holy Redeemer Religion Center, 3210 Tannery Road

St. Peter the Fisherman School, 1322 33rd Street


Schultz Elementary, 510 Woodlawn Drive

Middle & High School, 660 Washington Street

Manitowoc County area

University of Wisconsin, 705 Viebahn Street, Manitowoc

Silver Lake College, 2406 S. Alverno Road, Manitowoc

Riverview School, 4440 Michigan Avenue, Manitowoc

Reedsville High and Junior High

Reedsville Elementary

Valders High & Middle Schools, 136 Wilson, Valders

Valders Elementary, 300 Wilson, Valders

Kiel High School, 210 Raider Heights, Kiel

Kiel Middle School, 502 Paine, Kiel

Kiel Elementary School, Adams and North, Kiel

Meeme Elementary School, Route  I

Lakeshore Technical College, 1290 North Avenue, Cleveland


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