Manitowoc County Division of Emergency Services

Department of Emergency Management & Joint Dispatch Center

Manitowoc County, Wisconsin



Learn the warning signals used:

  • Public siren systems have steady siren tones that last three to five minutes.  This warning is also used for tornadoes, chemicals spills or other emergencies

  • Emergency vehicles, such as police cars, will sound their sirens while moving at slow speeds

What to do when sirens sound:

  • Go indoors

  • Tune to a local Emergency Alerting System (EAS) radio station for instructions as to what you should do.  Radio stations in Manitowoc County are:

    • WCUB 980AM

    • WLTU 92.1FM

    • WOMT 1240AM

    • WQTC 102.3FM

    • WTRW 1590AM

Call only if you need help!

  • Avoid unnecessary phone use during an emergency.  An overloaded system may delay important communications

  • If you DO need help, please call

    • Manitowoc County Sheriff - 920-683-4200

    • Kewaunee County Sheriff - 920-388-3100

    • EMERGENCY - DIAL 911

Click here for more information about evacuation in Manitowoc County.


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